Rough Country Battery is a wholesale battery company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are doing our best to make it as easy to find what battery you need for your vehicle at the best price. Most of the people in Winnipeg have heard about us through our great service and our competitive prices. We can supply most batteries from simple coin cell batteries to large industrials batteries. For more products in our inventory please visit

We built the website to help everyone instantly find the proper battery for your vehicle at the best price. It was quite a chore to make our search engine efficient and functional but we are the battery experts and we want you to find what you need quickly and easily.

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You will find the proper battery for your vehicle after the fourth step. Using the above example for the Ford Fiesta ,2011 with the 4 cylinders 1.6 liter motor you will find it is the group 96R (B96R72).
Once you have found your proper battery, you will see the price warranty and amps of the battery we offer.
I hope using our search engine was helpful and if you have any inquiries please contact us and we will be happy to help you.